Monday, 18 May 2009

Your Wish Is My Commad

We're nearly at the end of a decade, I realised today.

Apart from the obvious problems of what to call the the last ten years we've just witnessed (the Noughties just sounds slutty) I also wonder who'll be remembered as the big musical icons of he time.

In my opinion, noboby. This is not to state that I think there has been no music made unworthy of legend, oh no. I just think we've got a proper music scene back, one where you whisper the names of bands every other week, inadvertantly stumble across a remix of "And It Rained All Night" to find the following week everybody else knew about it as well, discover that you weren't the only one who thought "Limbo, Panto" had a touch of "Transformer" to it.

With such a wealth of music to be had, the best stuff is widely adored through private obsevations, exchanges between friends, internet pathways. There is no "Definately, Maybe" of the 2000's, and thank goodness for that. It is but a curse that we still have to sit through conversations about the genius of Oasis.

I think this decade has been about computers. I'm not speaking of Klaxons' production or DJ sets on the beach in Brighton. Par example - the opening 40 seconds of "Amnesiac", Four Tet's simply heartbreaking "Rounds".

The wonderful thing about computers is that they act as recievers. For whatever you want to create. The birth of Ableton and it's likes does not spell the end of guitar music, it just makes it more exciting.

So, if you are a genie, and happen to be reading this, my three wishes for the next decade are:

1. A Name For The First Two Decades of The New Century.
2. Another Great Decade For Pop Music
3. A Coma Emposed Upon Oasis Long Enough That When They Are Rewoken Music Listeners Are Not Blinded By Nostalgia, Have A Listen, And Put Them Back To Sleep.

Declan xxxx

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