Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tomorrissey Never Dies

Morrissey's getting on a bit, but he's still going; and seemingly strongly, when hearing tracks such as 'All You Need Is Me', 'That's How People Grow Up', and my personal favourite 'Something Is Squeezing My Skull'. We can safely say that by the looks of these penned titles, he's still delivering the Morrissey touch.
This week saw him release his new single from upcoming album 'Years Of Refusal', called 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris'. Immediately I didn't think it was anything particularly grabbing, but it is a grower, and now I've really gotten into it. I think it's important to accept him for what he is post-Smiths, which is on the whole, pretty inconsistant, but also doing something different. I don't think this is particularly his fault- his melodies have maintained their incredible knack of penetrating any fan of popular music with the highest calibre of singalongability (!?). It is the lack of one person that is Marr or less the problem. Sorry, that was awful.
However, I think this album could be a return to form; and I'm pretty excited. And at the age of which he's doing it, much praise needs to be given.

I also came across this Smiths song the other day to my surprise, as I have all of their albums but 'Hatful Of Hollow' (which is more of a compilation of songs- most of which appear on all their other albums), and I heard this one which is amazing, as per usual. Here it is live:

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