Monday, 26 January 2009

A Message From Graham Jamaica, Wedding DJ.

It's 1.11.
"Tonight: Franz Ferdinand" is yesterday's release.
It's my first nighttime visit.

I love the Franz Ferdinand's ethic, I love the unrestricted sonic musk of them, simple, pleasurable and pop. I love half of this album. Half of it is making me uncomfortable, this is positive. Is it genius or shit? It's going to turn out one way, in an inevitable number of listens. Pop music thrives from expectation, a good pop fills me with more.

You know what I mean by pop, so we'll avoid that one.

There are a few times year in which the forthcoming arrival on an ALBUM becomes an issue, a talking point, a distraction, a audio addiction, a disappointment, a statement and a mediocre forgotten post-it note. I love these times of the year as much as the seasons, as they are just as inevitable and just as diverse.

Regardless of recent release or physical impossibility (Claude), here are the albums I would have loved to have bought the day they came out:

1. Remain In Light - Talking Heads
2. Kid A - Radiohead
3. Innervisions - Stevie Wonder
4. Hot Rats - Frank Zappa
5. Nocturnes - Claude Debussy
6. Animals - Pink Floyd
7. Blonde On Blonde - Bob Dylan
8. Grotesque (After The Gramme) - The Fall

All My Love, Declan xxxx

And here's my two favourite comedians by far:

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