Monday, 23 February 2009

Talking Smiths

During the last few months, I've been scouting and searching through the bountiful back-catalogue of Talking Heads. For a while I had only been familiar with the earlier stuff (predominantly 'Fear Of Music' and 'Remian In Light'), but I have recently ventured into the latter albums on the music lover's best friend that is Spotify.

To say I really got into these latter albums would be a lie. I found them lacking the general consistancy and creativity of Byrne and co's earlier stuff, really... Having said that, a band of Talking Heads' calibre couldn't make an album without at least a handful of gems that I'd love. It was listening to their 'Blind' album that I came across a song called '(Nothing But) Flowers', which has Johnny Marr on it, which was most probably why I got into it so much.

In fact, I think there are elements of Declan's guitar playing on our new EP in this song.
Did I just compare him to Johnny Marr?... He can pay me later.

Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers

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