Thursday, 16 July 2009

This Man Has Me Wrapped Round His Little Finger

What a fucking genius on all accounts is Frank Zappa.

Not only is he, à mon avis, the only true rock musician to do anything significant in the field of classical music, but he's edgy, he makes you feel uneasy, he makes you piss yourself laughing, he makes you feel fucking outraged at how perfect some of his modulations and harmonies are, he also took the American Censorship Comittee to court on grounds of evasion of freedom of speech and won.
He also has a moustache of regal proportions.

I like it when artists take the piss out of you, and Zappa certainly does. Not in a childish wasy, in a way to challenge you, and to make you think wisely about how you live your cultural and political life. And he's a top class comedian in terms of lyrics as well, a real satirist.

The only other person in music who I think can match these sorts of qualities, (not to say these are always desirable) is Mark E. Smith, of The Fall:

Imagine Morrisey but more rude, and that's but an introduction to Mark E. Smith.
If ye can, check out 'English Scheme' by The Fall, it's got a great line in it, which is "The clever ones tend to emigrate". It's delivered with such irony. Top class.

Anyway, bon nuit,
I'm off to bed to read "Disgrace" by J.M Coetzee, my new favourite author.

Lots of love to you all,
Declan, Mysore,

P.s. I'm home soon. :o)

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