Monday, 27 July 2009

To Be (Shit), Or Not To Be (Shit).

I've always felt a little ambiguous about Kasabian, never quite sure whether I think they're absolutely brilliant, or just a bit dated and sonically uncreative. The lyrics are nothing revolutionary, in my opinion, but definately listenable. Yet I think Serge Pizzorno's got something musically under one of those hats he often sports.
So while I've been away I've just heard rumours, odd bits of information, and suggestions as to what is coming out at the moment, or in the very near future.
An Arctic Monkeys and Wild Beasts single here, a Dirty Projectors suggestion there, a wave of information just round the corner regarding a certain band called The Horrors (I've actually heard only half a song, but I know it's produced by the chap from Portishead, and that means it no doubt has a certain amount of quality to it...).
And I've heard bits about Kasabian. Time to make up my mind, I reckon. So I thought I'd give some of their new songs a listen, and I found this:


I love the way it drops around a minute in, I hate the way it re-drops about 30 seconds later, cor blimey. I still don't know.
Maybe that's what makes a classic band.
The fact that sometimes you can't work out if they're completely shit, or completely amazing.

Declan xxx

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