Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another flash of Re-hash...

When I was away, it seemed increasingly evident that the idea of going 'dark' within indie music was becoming the new thing to do; much like when bands were tending to go all big, "epic" and stadium-worthy.
When I was away and travelling down the Australian coast, when tuning into various radio stations, it became quite obvious that 80's bands, particularly Joy Division and The Cure, are aiding a resurgence in the sound bands are lending their tendencies to. I don't think this is a really recent thing, just becoming gradually more popular; Editors were doing it a few years back now.
This isn't me having a go and I'm not about to dive into an anti-recycling rant, but merely observing. If anything, I'm sure we all have learnt to a certain extent, that that's what popular music has become- one big cycle, where now and then a particular period is pounced upon and reintroduced. Like it or not, I guess.
It just doesn't leave much to the imagination, really. That, or my faith in new alternative music.
But what can you do?

To Lose My Life

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