Sunday, 21 June 2009

What To Do If You're iPod Is Broken, No Computer Will Play 'Hooting And Howling', You Have Two New Frank Zappa C.Ds but Nothing To Play Them On....

...And also if you're really very desperate to listen to Bitte Orca, because at least three people have reccomended it you, and all the YouTube videos on this very blog are unavailable to you due to restrictions laid down by the Internet Cafe L.A.W.

1. Learn the tabla in Varanasi, three hours practice a day, one lesson a day.
2. Play impromptu little gigs on street to curious Indian men, who sing all over the top of it, dancing.
3. Take Indian singing lessons. Maybe just once.
4. Attend a concert every evening, enjoy them more and more per night.
5. Get yourself a new, better, guitar from Calcutta, decorate it all nice and pretty, and write, write, write, write.

Doctors orders, I'm afraid.

Declan xxxxxxxxxxx

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