Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Current Collection...

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is nigh. Time for my (imaginary) mixtape of the moment.
I know it's been hard without me. I understand that. I really do.

  1. Q-Tip- 'Won't Trade' (This is such a big tune. The album is full of them, too)
  2. Rjd2- 'Ghostwriter'
  3. Roy Orbison- 'Crying'
  4. Bombay Bicycle Club- 'Morning After' (I found this on a blog; it's not on the tracklist for 'I Had The Blues But Shook Them Loose', but is really really good. Listen here)
  5. Skream- 'Oskilatah'
  6. MED- 'Can't Hold On'
  7. Radiohead- 'Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Exectutioner)'
  8. Vivian Girls- 'Where Do You Run To' (I love the garage-y sound to this song. Nice and rugged)
  9. Wild Beasts- 'Hooting And Howling'
  10. The Downs- 'Please Mind Your Head' (They were pretty good, weren't they?)

It seems I always resort to putting Bombay Bicycle Club or Wild Beasts in my selections. Call me boring etc, but there is definitely a reason why this happens, which I think speaks for itself.

I'm on the look out for more new artists in the quest of musical satisfaction, so hopefully I'll be back soon with some big ones. As for now, me and Dan are getting started on some of that so aspired musical satisfaction. Let the good times roll.



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  1. Vivian Girls? Supported them, was pretty messy. Excellent if you like that sorta thing, bit much for my ears though...Dan